Vlog #5 – React Responsive DOM, Bentley excapes into the woods

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This week I’m rambling about the potential of using react components to transform the DOM responsively to different display sizes. I think there’s some fun to be had there. Beagle and I are keeping warm and busy  during this ridiculous cold that just blew in. Hope you enjoy!


Dat face tho…

Also I forgot to post last week’s vlog, so here it is!

Drop me a comment and let me know what new web dev/design stuff you’re thinking about, or anything really! Tatty-byes.


Winter in Austin

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It’s hard to imagine a better time of year than around Christmas. Things have been going great for me and the beagle. Between starting the new job with Beaver Builder in November and enjoying my first true remote work experience, I really can’t complain.

I’ve managed to take a few decent photos here and there. I’ve been resurrecting my vlog lately as well so I figured it’s high time to post some new work here too. So here ya go.


Beagle being a total ham


Shake it off

The year is wrapping up pretty quickly and I’m excited about the spring. It’s time to get Whole30 going again in January and try to kick some of this holiday weight that I’ve been packing on since October.


Papa looking at photos of Papa. So Meta.

Christmas has really been great. Bentley and I spent Christmas Eve with the Jett side of the family and, apart from my Aunt and Uncle not being there, I think everyone really enjoyed it. Thankfully, I managed to get a few decent photos out of it as well.

The family photo book has become a bit of a tradition now. I believe I’ve done 5 of them and I’m pretty sure my grandparents would be a bit put out if I ever stopped. That presents a challenge this next year since I’m planning to relocate to Dallas and won’t have as many opportunities to get the family photos throughout the year. I’ll figure something out.


The year will be over soon but I know that the spring will be exciting too. I’m not too crazy about turning 32 but I can’t say my life didn’t improve during my thirty-first year. As usual, the beagle continues to keep me entertained. Check out our latest antics below. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!