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Winter in Austin

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It’s hard to imagine a better time of year than around Christmas. Things have been going great for me and the beagle. Between starting the new job with Beaver Builder in November and enjoying my first true remote work experience, I really can’t complain.

I’ve managed to take a few decent photos here and there. I’ve been resurrecting my vlog lately as well so I figured it’s high time to post some new work here too. So here ya go.


Beagle being a total ham


Shake it off

The year is wrapping up pretty quickly and I’m excited about the spring. It’s time to get Whole30 going again in January and try to kick some of this holiday weight that I’ve been packing on since October.


Papa looking at photos of Papa. So Meta.

Christmas has really been great. Bentley and I spent Christmas Eve with the Jett side of the family and, apart from my Aunt and Uncle not being there, I think everyone really enjoyed it. Thankfully, I managed to get a few decent photos out of it as well.

The family photo book has become a bit of a tradition now. I believe I’ve done 5 of them and I’m pretty sure my grandparents would be a bit put out if I ever stopped. That presents a challenge this next year since I’m planning to relocate to Dallas and won’t have as many opportunities to get the family photos throughout the year. I’ll figure something out.


The year will be over soon but I know that the spring will be exciting too. I’m not too crazy about turning 32 but I can’t say my life didn’t improve during my thirty-first year. As usual, the beagle continues to keep me entertained. Check out our latest antics below. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Whoa, I’m On YouTube!

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Video blogging is a new thing for me but it’s been a lot time coming. We’ve talked forever at work about showing our clients how to create and curate content online and develop a sustainable content marketing plan, but knowing that its kind of a “but what have you done?” kind of situation, its been a slow crawl to actually beginning it. After a few recent equipment purchases I’ve finally decided it’s time to make a go of it and try to wrap my head around the vastness that is YouTube. I confess I’ve begun watching a few star youtubers who will remain nameless although you know exactly who they are and if you don’t, you should really spend a weekend binging on youtube (hint: binge). For the record, Yes I have been watching Miranda Sings and yes, part of my soul died the moment I saw her but I’m convinced I won’t miss it. Anyway all this to say that I have officially started working on some videos of my own. I managed to pop out two today actually which will certainly not be a regular happening.

The first video is a screencast about my recent (but deeply serious) relationship with a WordPress plugin called Beaver Builder (go get yourself a copy). While the video turned out to be way too long and I swear I’ll never publish a screencast that long again, I feel like it was a good primer on what they layout tool is capable of. The second video was really an exercise in curation. Mark had sent me a Lifehack article a few weeks ago called 20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand and it really was very good and also a little jarring. I took a few of the points out of it and made a talking head video discussing the points that hit me most.

All in all, not a bad Saturday’s work and I feel like this could be the start of something, assuming I’m able to keep coming up with video topics. I’ve still got so much to learn but I am getting more comfortable simply being in front of the camera without completely loathing myself. It’s also inspired me to start what I’m calling “The Youtube Diet” which is really just paleo with the added incentive of having to see yourself on camera every day (shame works!). Anyway, I hope this is the beginning of something great. Check out my YouTube channel and if you’re feeling generous, Like a video or perhaps even become my first subscriber! My self-esteem will be infinitely grateful. If you have any ideas for videos you’d like to see me create whether they be about creative tools and how to use them, or just life in general, feel free to comment below or tweet at me! Enjoy.


Dinner, and a show…

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So lets just start by saying this is…par for the course. Rachel and Nick are both two of the biggest hams I know. And not surprisingly, Nick’s mom is too (that’s her in the window). This shot is one of those unplanned wonderful surprises that make shooting weddings fun. It gives character and playfulness to the event and allows the photos to show off the amazing personalities involved in a way that a solemn ceremony just can’t. Not only is the light beautiful and Rachel and the girls look stunning (blue dresses, thank you Lord!) but there’s a wonderful lightheartedness, and that really is the epitome of Nick & Rachel’s relationship. Fun shot, fun girls. What a day.