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Vlog #6 – Love the a6500, Hate the RX100 V, Slow-mo fun in the woods

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Managed to get Vlog #6 out tonight. I’m trying out the a6500 for a few days and so far it’s a pretty sweet camera. This is my first go at slow-mo footage (120fps) but I’m learning fast hopefully. See what you think.

I love this particular trail that runs behind my apartment and I’m trying to really soak it in before picking up and heading to Dallas in April. This turned out to be a nice shot, rather mirkwood-esque I’d say.


The a6500 is a pretty impressive camera. I’m not overwhelmed by the stills just because I’m used to the full-frame a7ii but after spending a day with it, the a6500 is no slouch. Hopefully the video above speaks for itself.

And of course, a camera test wouldn’t be complete without some beagle in it.



That’s all I got for now.

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