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This I love for several reasons. Firstly, I love this girl. Can’t say it enough, I love this girl. Secondly, I love this because I shot this with my iPhone 4s. I was actually in this particular wedding so I didn’t always have my D7000 handy. I love this cause it shows what I’ve been saying forever; Every camera that has ever been made will do the best it can for you if you’ll just give it light, and we have gorgeous light here. Lastly I love this because it absolutely vibrates with emotion. She is in the same room with her to-be husband but she can’t look at him. Nevertheless her excitement is gushing right out of her face. She is glowing. Brides, take a tip from my girl Andrea here: When its your wedding day, don’t be scared to let all that flood of emotion out in your pictures. Smile big. Open those eyes. Your pictures will thank you for it. Just don’t mess up your makeup 🙂

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